The Morpheus Project is developed by Perception Codes, an immersive technology-focused software studio founded in early 2019.

Perception Codes Co., Ltd. is a limited company registered under the jurisdiction and law of Thailand, supported by the UK government under the Global Entrepreneurial Program (GEP).

Perception is a deep tech company specialising in Desktop Augmented Reality or Desktop-AR, a new kind of immersive technology. Desktop-AR is an augmented reality technology that allows users to see 3D content in an immersive environment using everyday computers. It turns your normal 2D display into a 3D volumetric display to enhance the experience of computer use. We believe that desktops and laptops will soon be a platform for 3D volumetric displays. As the future catches up, we predict that all applications will be in 3D format.

Perception is led by a team of seasoned software engineers and computer scientists who are internationally recognised technologists and experienced corporate administrators.

Product & Services

Perception is the owner of the following product and services:

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