LANDs are part of the Morpheus Metaverse that you can own and manage however you desire. You may deploy Metaverse Applications (MAPPs) on your LANDs or rent them to other users. In Morpheus, there are 99,999 LANDs which can be broken down into two types: Private-LAND and Public-LAND.

  • Private-LAND is managed by the owners of the LANDs. Users can purchase LAND from Initial Land Offerings or purchase them from other users using DEN.

  • Public-LAND is managed by The Morpheus Project team. Within each Public-LAND piece, there are public spaces where users can to deploy their MAPPs for a defined period of time.

LAND Distribution

The Morpheus Project allocates LAND in the following structure

  • 75% Private-LAND: Offered to the public through Initial Land Offerings

  • 10% Public-LAND: Open for everyone, managed by The Morpheus Project team

  • 15% Public-LAND: Reserved for educational, arts, and cultural institutions, which can not be sold to a third party

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