Take Lessons or Learning Courses

In the Morpheus Metaverse, we value experience from experts and experienced individuals and organisations, and we encourage everyone to give and share knowledge with others. Through learning, we can make advanced progress in science and arts. With Metaverse, learning will never be the same again.

As the core value of our Metaverse is in the educational sector, we encourage activities related to education to exist in our Metaverse. Users can participate in education lessons or take learning courses from contents that are created by other users in the Metaverse. In our Metaverse, creators can host courses or lessons using Holo-SDK functionalities (our proprietary immersive technology) that enables virtual & augmented reality experience in the lessons. This offers a new immersive learning experience that has never been seen before. Educators are incentivised to make lessons as they can receive DEN tokens as rewards for sharing and teaching, while incentives for learners are DEN which can be earned as rewards for participation.

In short, Educators can

  • Create virtual and augmented reality classrooms through Holo-SDK

  • Create lectures and tutorial courses

  • Create immersive learning materials with Holo-SDK functionalities

  • Create virtual conferences

  • Create interactive learning lessons

  • Create collaborative lessons

Creators are incentivised by DEN tokens which can be received as rewards for sharing, teaching, and organising classes and events.

Learners can

  • Participate in classrooms or learning courses

  • Attend virtual conferences

  • Join interactive learning lessons

Learners can receive DEN as rewards for participation.

Another mechanism can be found in the Morpheus Metaverse. Learners can obtain degrees in some education courses, which can be used in the real world. Educators who want to issue degree certificates must have private LANDs, in which they must build up facilities required for learning and starting a business properly.

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