BLOCKs are the fundamental components of the Morpheus Metaverse. A BLOCK may seem simple but when they are combined, they can become beautiful and complex structures for users in the Metaverse to experience. Moreover, some BLOCK types have built-in interactive functionalities, enabling other users to perform various tasks with them. By combining different BLOCKs, you can create a complex, beautiful and interactive experience without programming skills. BLOCKs can be bought and sold in the Morpheus Metaverse.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of BLOCK types in the Morpheus Metaverse. Please stay tuned for announcements on new BLOCK types as The Morpheus Project progresses!

Block TypeDescription


Building-BLOCK is the most basic BLOCK. It does not have any interactive functions. They come in different colours and textures, making them one of the most important BLOCKs for creating beautiful and complex structures.


Template-BLOCK enables users to create custom design Building-BLOCKs.


Holo-BLOCK displays 3D models in a Desktop-AR format, enabling users to view objects as if they exist in front of their screens.


Portrait-NFT-BLOCK showcases NFT Art and enables users to share impressions about the arts. The owner of the NFT Art has an option to accept or reject comments made by users in the Metaverse.

More Coming Soon!

There are many other kinds of BLOCKs, and many more will be available in the future. Stay tuned!

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