In Morpheus, similar to real world businesses, advertisement is a key to success for all types of businesses. Brands can advertise their businesses and products inside or outside of the Morpheus Metaverse to boost brand recognition and awareness, which can be done by renting Ads-BLOCKs on LANDs. LAND owners can also place Ads-BLOCKs on their LAND so other businesses can rent the Ads-BLOCKs to promote their brands on the LANDs they do not own. Similar to the real world, fees for ads placement can be capitalised by LAND owners or advertisers, where the fees vary depending on the amount of traffic in the LANDs.

In short, LAND owners can

  • Rent out spots to advertisers

  • Review ads before going live

  • Set fees and times for ads to go live

Brands or businesses can

  • Place advertisements on chosen LANDs that are open for Ads rental to promote products or businesses, or to improve brand image

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