Achieved Milestones

  • Q4/2019: Pre-seed Fundraising We received funding and started the development of Desktop AR.

  • Q1/2020 - Q1/2021: Technology & Feasibility Study We develop Desktop AR technology and conduct a feasibility study with the Bangkok Prep International School.

  • Q1/2021 - present: Build Educational Partnerships We partnered with 7 museums, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Bangkok Prep International School, and the Department of International Trade of the UK Government.

  • Q3/2021: Holo-MUSEUM & Marketplace POC Go Live The immersive learning experience from the museums was made available for students to use. The alpha prototype of the Holo-NFT marketplace was made available for browsing.

Upcoming Milestones

  • Q4/2022: Initial Dex Offering and Staking Mechanism go Live Users can purchase DEN tokens and participate in liquidity stakes using DEN tokens.

  • Q4/2022: Holo-NFT Marketplace Users can purchase Holo-NFTs from Museums, Artists, and international organisations.

  • Q1/2023: Virtual World Alpha Prototype Go Live and First public LAND sale Users can purchase the first batch of LAND in the Morpheus Metaverse. Users can also experience parts the Morpheus Metaverse, interact with content from museums, and test creating their own experience.

  • Q2/2023: Morpheus Metaverse Go Live Users can enter the Metaverse, learn using immersive learning experiences, create content, and socialise with other users.

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