Showcase Unique NFT Art Galleries and our NFT Marketplace

High-value items are not limited only to museums artefacts and ancient treasures. In the Morpheus Metaverse, we also value new innovation and invention, which reflects our present and future. We welcome content from anyone with an open-mind to showcase their ideas to the public. Our NFT marketplace offers a new way for artists and revolutionists to connect to their supporters through their artworks. Art galleries can display their artworks and engage with their clients in the Metaverse. Private collectors can digitise their collections, organise and display their own exhibitions in Morpheus. This is how we can connect people from around the world. This is how we promote new ideas and new experiences in accordance with our core value of the Morpheus project.

Anyone, whether you are art galleries, private collectors, artists, or ordinary users, can sell or resell your collections via the Morpheus Marketplace.

In short, art galleries, private collectors, and artists can

  • Create a gallery for their NFT artworks

  • Organise their own exhibitions

  • Organise activities to promote their NFT items

  • Display their NFT creations on private LANDs

  • Sell or resell NFTs on the Morpheus Marketplace

They receive DEN tokens as a reward for ticket activities or from the sales of Holo-NFTs

Users can

  • Comment or leave impressions about NFT arts to help creators improve their works

  • Play games and activities with NFTs to obtain rewards

  • Sell or resell NFTs on the Morpheus Marketplace

They receive BLOCKs as a reward for participating in activities or receive DEN tokens for selling NFT items.

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