Visit Virtual Museums and Collect Holo-NFT Museum Artefacts

Museums house extraordinarily historical artefacts, telling important stories about science, nature, and culture. They are also one of the best starting places for explorers and learners to study human culture and history. Historical artefacts reflect who we are and should be accessible to everyone who seeks to learn and discover more about the past. Traveling to physical museums can be costly, especially for those who live far away from high-profile museums, where some of the world's most important collections are held.

In the Morpheus Metaverse, we aim to democratise the museum experience, bringing museums to be within everyone's reach. We therefore invite museums, galleries, artists, collectors, and NFT owners to come together and exhibit their collections in Morpheus. With modern 3D image-based scanning technology, museums can now easily digitise artefacts at low costs. With our Holo-SDK, a proprietary immersive Desktop-AR technology, users can intuitively interact with items as if they are floating in front of screens. Students and museum aficionados can enjoy a new way of interacting with artefacts through an immersive experience that only requires low-cost red-blue 3D glasses when using our Desktop-AR technology.

In a physical world, we can only see museum artefacts through glass display cases, yet cannot inspect the items up-close nor own a them. This is no longer the case with our Holographic-Non-Fungible Token technology (Holo-NFT). With Holo-NFTs, you can own digital versions of these items, some of which are officially produced and recognised by museums and institutions themselves. From ancient Japanese Masamune's swords to ancient Egyptian jewelries and Aztec’s Sacrificial knifes, whatever your favourite historical treasures may be, now are within your reach.

The historical significance of artefacts is priceless, and in the museum sector, the market size is estimated to be over $50 billion. This value has only appreciated over time, especially in arts and artefacts that are well preserved. Similar to physical artefacts, Holo-NFTs are digitised artefacts that hold and increase their value as they represent many important parts of our history. Physical items degrade over time and are prone to complete destruction, but with Holo-NFTs, we can store the very essence of them, which are eternal in the Morpheus Metaverse.

In short, museums, artefact owners, and 3D artists can

  • Create Holo-NFTs from artefacts and digital artworks

  • Sell Holo-NFTs through the Morpheus Marketplace

  • Organise activities to promote their artefacts

In return, they received DEN tokens as a reward for ticket events or from selling their Holo-NFTs

Whereas users can

  • Buy their favourite Holo-NFT items from museums and digital artists

  • Join activities hosted by museums and community members

  • View Holo-NFTs volumetrically using Desktop-AR

  • Exhibit their Holo-NFTs on private-LANDs

  • Re-sell Holo-NFT items to other users

In return, they receive BLOCKs as a reward for participating in activities, or receive DEN tokens for reselling Holo-NFTs

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