In the Morpheus Metaverse, our economy is based on two types of digital assets: DEN, the token which is the main currency within the Metaverse, and BLOCKs, which are a fundamental component of buildings and NFT items in Morpheus.

Developers, service providers, and NFT artists may request BLOCKs in exchange for DENs to create content, build facilities and create NFT items for users to play and interact with, which in turn, they get more DEN for. Users may acquire BLOCKs through general participation and joining activities that are created by the developers and service providers. DEN is the exchange medium for buying and selling services and items in Morpheus.

Users can also buy LANDs and rent them out to service providers to get DEN. Users can stake DEN to get passive revenues. These use cases will be the main value drivers for DEN.

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