Use Cases

The core values of the Morpheus Metaverse are in education as well as preserving culture and history. Furthermore, we want to create a living digital world that simulates real-life experiences. This is why, in the Morpheus Metaverse, we have various kinds of activities and interactions to make our Metaverse a true living digital world, where participants can enjoy and take part in events and activities. Here are some examples of interactions that exist in the Morpheus Metaverse.

  • Social interaction - users can add other users to their friends’ lists, create parties with friends, text chat and video chat with other users.

  • Organise panel discussions or talks to other nearby users within the Metaverse.

  • Exchange items with other users.

Just like in the real world, users can still do various activities other than socialisation. In the Morpheus Metaverse, users can also use Metaverse Applications (MAPPs) to take part or even create activities or create new items for various purposes.

Here are some initial use cases in the Morpheus Metaverse.

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