Metaverse App (MAPP)

Metaverse Applications (MAPPs) are mini softwares that users can use to expand the functionality of the Morpheus Metaverse. Users can use MAPPs to learn new knowledge, shop, play games, or socialise with other users. At the same time, users can also create MAPPs and share them with other users, making Morpheus a community-driven world.

Creating MAPP, no programming required!

In Morpheus, users can create MAPPs with no programming skills. These are made by simply placing or stacking BLOCKs. By using various kinds of BLOCKs, users can create a variety of experiences. For example, users can showcase their own NFT arts and let other users leave impressions on their NFTs using NFT-Portrait-BLOCK.

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Deploying MAPPs on LAND

You can deploy MAPPs in two places, your own LAND or public LAND. If you have your own LAND, you can place MAPPs and decorate them however you like. But if you do not have a LAND, there are public LAND spaces that you can use to showcase your MAPPs with other users but for a specified period of time.

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