Starting your own Business in the Morpheus Metaverse

In Morpheus Metaverse, we simulate a real world, free market, economy. The more businesses join and use the Metaverse, the more there are demands for services and employment, just like in the real world.

For example, museums in Morpheus will require services such as building and decorating their virtual space. To do so, they will need to hire or find the required services or architects to build museums and create exhibitions for them. As for users, they can either design buildings or decorative items for museums and charge service fees, or they can design decorative items or create ready-made buildings, which can be displayed and sold as NFTs in the Morpheus marketplace.

Businesses in the educational sector can design and produce applications as part of teaching resources for teachers and educators, even organise events and conferences. Service providers in Morpheus can offer various products and services to schools and education institutions. In Morpheus, it is possible to create teaching materials or organise events in an immersive experience using our proprietary Holo-SDK. Service providers can use these features to create unique learning materials or events that do not exist in other Metaverses.

Estate investors and general users can buy private-LAND to build structures on using BLOCKS, which can be used as virtual offices and charged for rental income, just like in the real world.

Similar to the real world, LAND is limited, and users will need private LAND to start a business whether they are a service provider, programmer, art gallery owner or private collector. General users can buy private-LAND, which can be rented to other users and get passive revenue.

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